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We recommend Shopify and WP e-Commerce for online stores, and Digital Access Pass (DAP) for membership sites.

Our services

We create elegant, usable websites with a philosophy of “simplicity is beautiful” at the heart of everything we do. We have a proud heritage in digital that stretches back to 1998 and we´d probably call ourselves a boutique agency but we´re not sure what that actually means.

Some of our services:

  • Branding
  • Website design
  • Web content creation
  • eCommerce
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)

We work holistically across all areas of web design and development, but our service doesn’t end with a web build: we have extensive experience with attraction mechanisms such as email marketing, search engine optimisation, social media and pay per click advertising.

We proudly create using WordPress – a publishing platform that allows you to update the content yourself, should you wish.

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  • Optimal Usability

    Usability is a key foundation of our web design and development service. This was validated when Optimal Usability – New Zealand’s largest and most awarded usability consultancy – asked us to redesign their site. They came to us after a large ad agency couldn’t deliver the right vision for them after months of work. We presented two concepts, both of which they loved, and delivered the site to their original deadline – complete with events management, Salesforce integration and an innovative menu system… all powered by the easy to use WordPress platform.

    “We couldn’t have been more pleased with the work that Web Design People did in developing our new website. Throughout the process they were not only enjoyable to deal with but also proactive and responsive in accommodating our specific requirements and addressing any issues/concerns that arose as part of the development process. We ended up with a great site, that was delivered on time.” - Leif, Optimal Usability.

  • EvokeNZ

    EvokeNZ is an ecommerce store showcasing and selling high quality large format New Zealand landscape and nature canvases.

    When you have a website with gorgeous photo content, you need the design to sit back and give the content room to shine. You also want it to zip along and present an engaging, usable experience. And it must be easily client editable.

    Our branding, web design and development hit all these requirements. We pared down the branding and design to a minimal, clean and modern aesthetic and, powered by WordPress and a customised version of WP e-Commerce, the site looks beautiful, is a breeze to use and optimised for quick page speed.

  • International Fleeces

    From the beginning this branding, design, development and email marketing project felt like it was going to be good and it turned out to be great.

    Internationalfleeces.com is a WordPress and WP e-Commerce site with a refined customer experience. It’s all client-editable; a truly empowering approach.

    “I received about a hundred fan e-mails on how lovely the site is and how easy it is to use.  I have never heard of that before.  I also made back all my investment and a good profit within a year and a half with barely any advertising even with the recession.  I really owe that all to your design and branding.  I can’t imagine that kind of response if I went with anyone else.

    Your service has always been amazing too!  If I ever had a problem or even a question, it would be answered that day.  Terrific advice too.  I am so glad that I made the good decision to invest in the quality you brought to my site.” – Talia, International Fleeces.

  • Go bananas for Fairtrade

    This year Fairtrade invited everyone to ‘Go Bananas for Fairtrade’. This involved signing up to the Go Bananas microsite and then eating your very own Fairtrade banana on the 6th March. The aim of this site was to make people more aware of the work that Fairtrade does by breaking the world record for Fairtrade bananas eaten in one day.

    To prove that you had taken part in this historic event you could also post a photo of yourself, accompanied by your banana, on to the site for all to see.

    This design was one of the first concepts created for the Go Bananas microsite and was designed on behalf of dotAgency.

  • Holodeck

    Create a feeling of a world within a world.” Interesting brief! The client was a fan of a hand-drawn, illustrated style, so we used this as a foundation to create a site that uses illustrated characters and patterns to give the user a feeling of being in another world. Depending on screen resolution and platform used you might see design elements others would not, making this a design that rewards exploration using different devices.

    Work in progress

  • WaterAid USA

    Wateraid helps people in poorer countries by providing access to clean water. The charity already had a strong global web presence, however, the Wateraid USA section of the site required a re-design to appeal to an American audience.

    This design was one of two initial concepts presented (and although it wasn’t the one chosen by the client, we thought we’d show you it as it’s still one of our favourites!)

    *designed on behalf of dotAgency

  • Wine Tours By Bike

    In most cases, wine plus bicycles doesn’t equal fun. However, gliding down empty roads between olive and wine plantations in the beautiful Marlborough region of New Zealand with pannier bags full of stunning wine is the exception to the rule. When the Web Design People founders went on a wine tour by bike day in the region they spotted a business in need of some help. Our overhauled website resulted in a major increase in bookings and enquires and is now the most important booking and awareness-raising channel, in part due to strong SEO performance.

    Built using the WordPress publishing platform, the client is responsible for site updates.

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